The Reflector Void

human design inconsistency reflector type Jun 16, 2024

What got you out of bed this morning? Responsibility for your loved ones? Excitement for a creative project at work? The smell of fresh coffee brewing? Whatever it was, you decided that it was worthwhile to hop out of bed to start your day.

On most days the majority of what we do is in response to some sort of feeling or emotion. Recently I've mentioned that my curiosity with gardening has become a full-on obsession, and that's what compels me to spend hours outside whenever I can.

But what do you do if you're going about your day, and all of a sudden you feel…nothing? No excitement, no curiosity, not even the less desirable feelings like frustration or disappointment. A pure absence of emotions and interests.


This is what I call the Reflector Void.


A space in time where nothing catches your eye, there's nothing to focus on, and worst of all, it seems to call every single life choice into question. Things you were previously passionate about are muted and all future plans are suspended. If you think this is a bleak place to be, you're absolutely right. But for Reflectors, it's all too common.


Whether you're super familiar with the Void or it's never shown up for you (yet), my hope is to normalize these experiences so you don't make the same mistakes I've made while going through them.


What Causes the Void?

The most likely culprit is a mix of the moon moving through a cluster of gates paired with some other planetary action. Think Mercury Retrograde or even an eclipse. There are certain gate combinations that some Reflectors consistently feel uneasy in, and the trouble here is that the moon moves through all 64 Human Design gates in the same order every 28 days. So, if you notice you're always in a funk around the same time in your own personal 28 day cycle, it could be the gates that bring on the Void.


My experience with the Void is that it's not a regular occurrence but rather something building up to a bigger event, such as a Saturn Return or Uranus Opposition. These are times in your life where you end one stage and begin another but the transition isn't like an on/off switch. It takes time to shift from where you are to where you will be, and in a sense, the Void is a way of helping you pause what you're doing so you can move into the new stage with more awareness.


If you're a chart nerd like me, you may be aware that the Uranus Opposition marks the time when you transition from your South Node gates to the North Node gates. Quite literally the end of an era! For my most recent Void experience, this is what I'm chalking it up to, since my Opposition is just around the corner.


Reflectors have a unique role in the Human Design ecosystem that can't be fulfilled without other people. We are the calibrators and adjusters who assist with keeping all the types aligned to their highest selves. It's a role that can't be carried out without people for us to reflect. Often, Reflectors experience the Void when they're alone, and seem to pop out of it when they're in the presence of other types.

Why is the Void Important for Reflectors?

As a type, Reflectors are wired differently than all the others and our energy moves in unpredictable ways. We are here, in part, to help the collective slow down and become aware of what's happening. So, it makes sense that we'd go through Void periods ourselves, so we can practice suspending thought, feeling, and action.


The Void is a time to pause and appreciate the simple fact that you're here as a being in this moment. Even though it can feel so insanely unnatural and uncomfortable, it really does pull you back into the now. Society tells us we have to always be pushing forward, always making progress, demonstrating action, and our Reflector design wags a finger back and forth, saying "Not us!".


If you've ever done a guided meditation you've probably encountered an instructor leading you to follow the pattern of your breath. In and out. In and out. Except there's also a tiny pause before the next inhale, once your lungs have emptied out. And there's also a tiny pause once your lungs are full and you're just about to breathe out. It always reminds me of the few moments on a rollercoaster right at the top of the hill. You're not climbing up anymore, and the downhill zoom hasn't taken place yet. That moment is scary because you're not sure what waits for you on the other side. Will it be exhilarating? Terrifying? Will the car fly off the tracks?


The Void is setting you up for something, even when you can't see what that thing is. It takes trust in yourself to weather the Void, especially because we're conditioned to always be working on something with a specific outcome or purpose. The void gives zero clues as to what you'll be walking into!


How to Endure the Void

Buckle up, clear your schedule, and call in sick. Ok, that's a bit dramatic but honestly you're not going to be productive by the typical standard during the Void.


Once you start feeling a lack of feeling, it's enticing to try to get out of it as soon as possible but that's not going to help. Forcing your way through this time only makes it worse and you're likely to miss the beauty of an absolute slow down. This is a time to honour the absence of influence and take as little action as possible.


Here are some of my hard-learned guidelines for enduring the Void:

  • Do NOT make any decisions. I once deleted an entire website during a Void, and although I was ok with it in the end, it was a rash decision. Most recently I considered cancelling my book and tearing my whole business to the ground. What a mistake that would've been. These periods can really feel like it's time to burn it all down and start over but the Void is temporary. I believe the lack of feeling is there to remind us that nothing is as important as the present moment. Obviously this conflicts with business plans and ambition but the Void will pass, so stay away from the "delete" button!
  • Focus on your feelings but don't allow them to mean anything about you or what you're here to do. It's easy to question whether you should be on your current path when you enter the Void, and if you're comfortable doing so, you can let your thoughts wander in this direction. Just know that this too shall pass and you'll probably be more focused and intent once you're on the other side. Patience is a lost virtue and Reflectors are constantly being reminded to cultivate a slower pace. The Void is just one way Reflectors get to experience it.
  • Let others know you're feeling off, and ask for some compassion or support. This is a great time to call on a trusted soundboarding friend or someone you can simply express your experience to. Be clear that you're not looking for advice or solutions. Like I said, it's best not to make any decisions or changes during this time. No one will know you're going through a challenging time if you don't speak up and tell them. You don't have to explain the whole thing and don't expect them to understand what you're going through. Even if the Void isn't an unpleasant experience for you, it's still going to throw you off your usual course, so try embracing the strangeness and allowing a trusted friend to be there for you.


The Reflector journey can be full of twists and turns that aren't easy to explain or make sense of. At times we feel so much that it's overwhelming, and at others, we feel so little that we question whether we're even here in real life! Whatever your individual experience is in this moment right now, see if you can be ok with not knowing the next step. You never know what surprise waits for you on the other side.



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